Alicja blachut

I've been a sports person for all my life, a dancer since an early age and a professional basketball player for 10 years. Therefore, Sport Science and Fitness was an obvious study choice.

I have fallen in love with fitness, dance and helping people to achieve their fitness and lifestyle change goals.

I'm a mother so the juggling act of motherhood along with work and lifestyle is something I can relate to, most importantly I also understand the importance of looking after yourself as well. I've spent years of learning about sport, fitness and dance. My training methods are a mixture of my knowledge and experience and I create specially designed programmes tailored to your experience, needs and goals.

I specialise in: Core Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Ballet, Jazz, Stretching, Weights Training.


start your journey today, to become a healthier version of yourself

If you are looking to lose weight, tone and shape your body, are preparing yourself for a special event or simply want to look and feel better for your holiday, wedding and most important - for YOURSELF - feel free to contact me.



I've been training with Alicja for over half a year now. My main focus is on long distance running (marathon and half marathon), and I work with Alicja on strength and resistance training to complement my running schedule. I cannot recommend working with Alicja highly enough. Her training sessions are always varied and well rounded, with a strong focus on proper technique, making you reap maximum benefit from each individual exercise. She also has a great sense of humour, allowing you to push yourself much further than you had ever anticipated and still having fun doing it. In addition to this, Alicja's help has been invaluable in optimising my nutritition strategy and my stretching routine. Since I've started training with Alicja, all parts of my body have become notably stronger, allowing me to push harder in individual running sessions and to drive an overall more intensive schedule, already leading to a new half marathon PB. My recovery has also improved significantly, and, most importantly, I have stayed completely injury free so far, which wasn't always the case in the past. ​

Fabian Thehos (32)

Investment Manager

I have been training with Alicja for almost a year and she has the perfect balance of motivation and encouragement. She does not shout or bully (wouldn't work for me) but you know she means business anyway. Results drive her. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I am transformed into a fan of the gym, of exercise in general and even of running! Finding the right personal trainer can be tricky but I have found that with Alicja.

Claire Eldridge (40)

PR agency owner and MD

I have been training with Alicja for 5 months now, and she is an excellent personal trainer. She provides huge motivation, encouragement,and knowledge every session. Her training methods are diverse, which keeps the body guessing, and the results have been both noticeableand highly beneficial. My increased fitness levels, weight loss and improving core strength, have boosted performance in a variety ofdisciplines  . Alicja will certainly help you achieve your fitness goals. Highly recommended.

Shayne Barge (41)

UK Equities Trader for a UK Broker

alicja blachut